Unbeatable Optical Accessories

Our Team

KE Optical is a family run business that has supplied the Optical Industry with Optical Accessories for nearly 30 years. Originally selling spectacle frames the business grew to encompass cases, sprays, cloths, nose pads and screws and recently diversified in to the Promotional and Giftware Industries.

KE Optical proudly carries the Australian Made logo on many of its products, cloths for example are cut, dyed, printed and packaged in house. Our spray solutions are manufactured and bottled in Melbourne thus we can guarantee exactly what is in our product. Also, our cardboard packaging, cases and cloths are all printed in house hence we have a rapid turn around and strict quality control.

Supporting the community

KE Optical employee seven full time printers, two graphic designers, three warehouse men, five office staff and a sales representative. In addition to our full time employees we have a team of ten supported employment workers whom work alongside our regular workforce. KE Optical has a very close association with Brunswick Industries (former Brunswick sheltered workshop) for the past eleven years and is currently their largest customer.

One of a small number of companies in Victoria, KE Optical is permitted to have supported needs workers work along side its regular workforce on its premises.With a minimum rotating team of ten special needs workers on our premises at one time, many of our staff have formed strong bonds with their workmates. Most supported workers prefer working in normal surroundings and KE Optical obtains a reliable dedicated workforce. What’s more, supported workers who have worked with us have gone on to obtain employment in the regular workforce.